Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Backward compatability with previous versions of gdb files
Author Joseph Alba
>For quite a while, in development, the v6 engine could read-write both ODS9
>and ODS10 - but we eliminated the ability, partially to prevent propagation
>if (version11) something() else somethingelse()
>type code.

wouldn't a different namespace been simpler to implement?
For instance, in Delphi, there are VCLxx30, VCLxx40 so that the different
versions won't bang into each other.

I would not really mind have two different client DLL's on my client
computer(s). Or even two IB servers on my server.

Example: instead of GDS32.DLL, the client 6 could have been named GDSIB6.DLL

This would have permitted me to do something like this:

1. Keep the old version (<IB5 and below) on the client computer(s) with is
connected to the old IB server.
2. Set up a new IB server on a new "development/research" server.

In this setup, note that the client computer can connect to the old IB
server and the new IB6 server at the same time because it uses different
clients. Also, no need for the if (versionxx) problem

Joseph Alba