Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Backward compatability with previous versions of gdb files
Author Matt Larsen
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>Ok, you said "attract Dbase/Paradox/Access crowd". Do you assume they
>already use IB? What gdb do they need to upgrade if they are newcomers? Why
>a first time user would have a "legacy" IB database? I didn't get the

Sorry, I had missed Bill Karwin's explanation, otherwise I would have been
more verbose. My point was not just about version 6.0, but the philosophy
going forward. I agree with Jim that we should maintain compatibility and
not force the user to backup and restore all their databases in order to
upgrade the server. If we changed back to this mindset and ALWAYS allowed
backward compatibility, would it not be a fairly easily to extend gbak to
read a "legacy" database and write a new database using current ODS to a new
file(s) (as Markus or Bill mentioned doing with pipes)? If I were
considering creating a widely distributed application using Interbase as the
database, I would not be comfortable with the fact that anytime a
significant new version comes out I would have to force my customers to do a
backup and restore. If I do not need the additions to the ODS but want some
of the API or functionality changes, I do not want to burden my customers
with an unnecessary backup and restore. If I need to change the ODS, then I
want to be able to automate it for my customers. As Jim mentioned, we want
to give DBAs more time to do productive work (or was that Ann's version of
Jim's quote.) :-)

BTW, someone who started testing on v5.6 due to the open source press
release would have to figure out that they must backup and restore their
databases to use v6.0. This situation is not the most friendly for
newcomers. It also seems more annoying to the Windows/corporate crowd
(myself) than the Unix crowd. I know that most corporate IT folks are not
looking for more ways to work overtime. The Unix crowd seems to enjoy pain.
Just kidding, not trying to start another thread.

Matt Larsen

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