Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Backward compatability with previous versions of gdb files
Author Matt Larsen
Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:
>> Bill Karwin wrote:
>> >I don't
>> > think it's too complex or unreasonable to require a gbak&restore to
>> > migrate one's databases to IB6 (dialect 1).
>> I totally agree, though it's just a litte more hassle and most people
>> less hassle in general even if it compromises the integrity of their
>> database.
> If you think a bit, which are the people that will come from IB5? Probably
>old customers. *Probably* these people already know how to use gbak. Not
>very terrible to use it once more. The only drawback is in a few specific
>cases, gbak may not be able to copy the data on one of the tables in the
>IB4/IB5 backup to the gdb on the new ODS_10, but these cases are not
> On the other side, newcomers will use a dialect 1 or 3 databases
>on whether they are tied to the Borland Database Enema or not) but always
>ODS_10, because they will be creating their databases for the first time on

I have to disagree here. You should not be forced to backup and restore
every database including ISC4.gdb just to use the upgraded the server
software. If we can increase the ease of upgrade without significantly
increasing the size or complexity of the code, then we should. We must try
to attract the DBase/Paradox/Access crowd, not frustrate them. The open
source pricing model will attract quite a few users/developers if it is
combined with true ease of use, which must include ease of software upgrade.

Now the critical point: Jim or Ann, how long and/or painful would the return
to yesteryear be?

Matt Larsen.