Subject Re: [IB-Architect] New API -- Request for Comments
Author Brett Bandy
Jim Starkey wrote:
> Like Jdbc, there is not explicit support for multiple transactions
> per process. To get them, multiple attachments are required. There
> is a temptation to add a clone() method to Connection simplify the
> coding and allow sharing is the InterBase database attachment.

How do you set a transaction's attributes? (ie wait vs nowait, ...)

Is the default trans mode autocommit :)

Since InterBase supports multiple transactions against a single database
as well as a single trans against multiple databases, was there thought
given to creating a transaction class?

> resultSet->release();
> statement->release();
> connection->close();

Could you explain the difference between release and close?

> catch (SQLException *exception)
> {
> printf ("Query failed: %s\n", exception->getText());
> delete exception;
> return 1;
> }

What about a SQLWarning class for new 6.0 warnings?