Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Question to IB Developers
Author dcalford
Thanks Reed,

I already created a distribution and some install disks based upon the
"linux from scratch how-to"

The installation system for a fully working system would be based upon
Lokisoft's install program (designed to work on any distribution and is user
The initial install I am currently doing with FPK and SVGALIB graphics.
I may flip it over to a X based install but only if I go ahead with the

The building of a custom distribution is not very hard.
If you keep the component list of the base distribution very small, and have
a good installer/uninstaller for all the add-on packages, maintenance is not
that difficult.

The big work is debating exactly what is included in a distribution, and
what packages get put into a install program.

Because all the software already exists, it is a matter of getting those who
understand specific applications to put together a list of the different
options and building an appropriate install/maintenance program.

best regards


rfm@... wrote:

> Just a note. There are a number of mini-distros on the net
> already. Some of them are specialized (eg. router on a floppy) and
> some are not. It should be easy to base your work on one of these
> Look at under distributions or something.
> The *BSD OS's also take a more conservative approach than
> most linux distributions. IB doesn't support BSD natively yet,
> but (except for the v4.0 port), but it shouldn't be that hard.
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