Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Open Question to IB Developers
Author Bill Karwin
> You don't have to have IB do it. All the parts are available open
> source. Just put it together and put up a web site and see if anybody
> bites. You could even supply different flavors using postgres, or
> whatever too.

I think it's a totally legitimate need to have a "no fills" version of
Linux that someone can just install as a server. But I think Tim is
right: InterBase doesn't need to do it. Reasons:
- InterBase has enough on its plate!
- InterBase is a cross-platform DBMS vendor, not a Linux vendor
- Do we really need *another* distribution of Linux?
I heard there are are 32 Linux distribution vendors currently.
- Why reinvent what the current leading Linux vendors are already doing?
- Wouldn't it be easier to use one of the current distributions, and
create a short HOWTO document on what packages are necessary for a
install to support InterBase?

Bill Karwin