Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Dumb JVM Question
Author Andi Kleen
On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 05:35:15PM -0400, Jim Starkey wrote:
> At 07:26 AM 4/19/00 +1000, Daniel_Work@... wrote:
> >Would the JVM be built into the IB Server or would the server refence any
> >old JVM on that platform?
> >
> It could be done either way. I think it would be far better to
> snarf a JVM that could be integrated (I don't know if there
> is one available under open source with an appropriate license).

Electric Fire is MPLed but lacking quite a bit
Kaffe is rather complicated but free (a very elaborate JIT)
Japhar actually looks good (

BTW, it seems Netscape/Mozilla are building a generic JVM<->application
interface (OJI), if Interbase could use that it could reuse all
the JVMs on the different platforms that work with Netscape.

> One of the nasty implementation issues with a "random" JVM is that
> "native" (meaning non-Java) have to be separate dynamically
> loaded libraries. Get a library to call back into the server
> executable is going to be a little painful. An integrated
> JVM could dispatch to the server without an external library
> call.

The external libraries seem to be typically rather buggy. Just compare
how often a netscape crashes with java enabled with one that doesn't.
For reliability reasons I would prefer to have at least the option
to let the JVM run in an external process.