Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re : License Question
Author Emil Briggs
Markus Kemper wrote:
> From: "Markus Kemper" <mkemper@...>
> Not sure what this question has to do with
> licensing but, here goes.
> a) For over 15 years InterBase used /etc/services
> to listen on port 3050 which then has 'inetd'
> spawn a gds_inet_server (a connection/engine)
> to perform database work. Perhaps I do not
> understand everything involved but, I do not
> believe that inetd is pooling anything. Once
> the gds_inet_server is spawned 'inetd' is no
> longer involved and tcp sockets managed the
> traffic between client and server. Is my
> understanding correct? And also, why is this
> deemed unacceptable in an 'enterprise' environment?

The reason is that each time you have a connection to port
3050 inetd will spawn another copy of gds_inet_server. Their
is extra overhead associated with starting a new process for
each connection. If you were in an environment where you were
getting lots of separate connections at the same time this
would cause a performance problem.

> b) We have implemented SuperServer, the multithreaded
> engine, on platforms that we felt had a good
> enough threading package. We are currently
> investigating SuperServer for Linux.
> Markus

If you're using pthreads on Unix platforms I would think the
Linux port should be fairly straightforward. (At least it
has been for me with some other threaded codes).

Emil Briggs