Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Re : License Question
Author Markus Kemper
Not sure what this question has to do with
licensing but, here goes.

a) For over 15 years InterBase used /etc/services
to listen on port 3050 which then has 'inetd'
spawn a gds_inet_server (a connection/engine)
to perform database work. Perhaps I do not
understand everything involved but, I do not
believe that inetd is pooling anything. Once
the gds_inet_server is spawned 'inetd' is no
longer involved and tcp sockets managed the
traffic between client and server. Is my
understanding correct? And also, why is this
deemed unacceptable in an 'enterprise' environment?

b) We have implemented SuperServer, the multithreaded
engine, on platforms that we felt had a good
enough threading package. We are currently
investigating SuperServer for Linux.


Ryan Mills wrote:
> From: "Ryan Mills" <rmills@...>
> This could be a FAQ, but Interbase is using "inetd" to pool connections
> yeah? This is clearly unacceptable in an enterprise environment, when or
> rather is there a push to make this a multithreaded server? The website
> says this is the case, but without source, how can my engineers contribute
> to make this so?
> With regards,
> RM
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> > I realise that this is an IB architect group, but had a quick question.
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