Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Spatial objects in IB
Author Brice VIDAL
> InterBase UDFs are an extremely powerful utility to
> extend the engines functionality while not bloating
> the core engine footprint. I hope to see a library of
> such useful UDFs emerge so that developers can plug them
> in as needed and keep the engine small and fast.

I don't think that adding functions to the core engine will slow it. Also,
in a 1 mega library you can add a lot of functionalities.

I think it is a bit too early to discuss what features should be implemented
in the next version but I am among the ones who want more functions in the
core engine because adding " not well known " third parties UDFs can be seen
a bit like risky assembly.

Don't you think that people would prefer a functionnality be implemented by
Interbase rather than by a company they never heard of before ?