Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Tim Uckun
>Stability and speed aside completely, how is Access easier and more Rapid
>than Delphi? Ahh... must be talking about those wizards. Mostly inspires a
>false sense of security if you ask me.

Actually it turned out one of those wizards had a severe bug in it that
caused serious data disruptions. That aside Delphi requires a coder and
access does not so most small business people use access to avoid paying a
programmer full time. Also I do think that Access is a more rapid
developement tool then Delphi but that's just my opinion. I agree with you
that Access has a lot of shortcomings you must work around and in general
is an inferior product to Delphi but like it or not it's the most popular
desktop database out there.

If IB wants to be the "upsizing database" they HAVE to play nice with
access pure and simple. That means long object names, case insesitive
where clauses, and an upsizing wizard. BTW if Jim is serious about the case
insensitive thing I will volunteer to write the upsizing wizard.

>I think the reason I despise Access so much is the same reason I hate other
>Microsoft products - there comes a point at which I am spending more time
>_working around_ the tool than _using_ it. My boss spent six hours last
>week deleting chunks of the Win95 Registry just so she could *reinstall*
>visual studio so she could complete a project she had due in a couple of days.
>And honestly, this is how tools like Linux and Interbase came to be
>popular. They work. Extremely well.
>And so I'm not a total (f)lamer:
>It would be really nice to see Interbase take Microsoft's goals like ease
>of use and automatic configuration and do it better than Microsoft, with a
>footprint two orders of magnitude smaller. There'll be a lot of cheers in
>the crowd the day that happens.
>A buddy of mine claims to have gained a 40% increase in speed by moving
>from MSSQL 6.5 to Interbase 5.5, maybe I should do a write up on his
>project for PR fodder.
>I really think Interbase would be more popular if there were some way to
>tune it to have better OLAP performance. Interbase already scales way
>beyond MSSQL, but if one could get "similar" performance on the same box
>that SQL server runs on then the price difference would really become
>I have no idea if this is possible, I don't understand the Interbase
>architecture well enough to even speculate.
>Tom White
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