Subject Syntax for case insensitive sort
Author Jim Starkey
The current SQL "order by" clause is

{ <expr> | <position> } [ ASC | DESC ]

We could make it

{ <expr> | <position> } [ ASC | DESC ] [CASE SENSITIVE | CASE INSENSITIVE]

Obviously the default would "CASE SENSITIVE".

I'm not at all keen on two word "keywords", but CASEINSENSITIVE is too
ughly to consider. Just sensitive makes the whole things a little
too touchy feely for my taste, though INSENSITIVE is a pretty good
description for computer code. In any case (ho ho), once we open
the gates on collation options many more will try to follow, so perhaps
a common qualifier CASE is justified. That also leaves the unadorned
keyword SENSITIVE for the day when the database system knows to put
the poetically inclined first and fiftyish iconoclastic programmers

Jim Starkey