Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Tim Uckun
>While positioning against Oracle, SQL Server is doable, it would be like
>being a welterweight fighting against a heavyweight. I mean, those who buy
>these products have the budget to buy it, and LIKE to buy at those prices
>because they believe that being expensive means power, reliability, feature

I just got off the phone with an oracle rep. I was quoted a two year
licence on a per "power unit" charge of $5.25. Which for me (a single pII
XEON 500) would cost about $2500.00 pretty damned cheap considering there
is no per user cost involved. I figure when the time to renew comes up in
two years it will be even cheaper. They also quoted me the entire "doc com
suite" (whatever that is) for under 8K. I think it includes some
support. Either way Oracle is now cheaper then just about any other
database on the market including MS-SQL and Sybase SQL anywhere. Of course
I will need to become an oracle DBA in order to properly use it.