Subject RE: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Tim Uckun
>requires features / functionality from these DB's), 'Upgrade' an application
>that would use Paradox, or Access or some other network DB to Interbase. I
>suspect these are mostly used because they are available for free (once the
>developer has the tools to generate the DB). Also, customers find out they
>get scalability for almost nothing.

I too think this is a ripe area for growth. However I don't think this
will be a viable choice until Interbase can to a case insensitive collation
like access does. It's big point of incompatibility. OTOH the good ODBC
drivers help a lot. Most people will want to use access as a front end and
interbase as the back end. Although Delphi is a very productive environment
it's no match for access. What you give up in stability and speed you make
up for in ease of use and RAD.