Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Interbase Culture and Open Source
Author Markus Kemper
> I think also that this could become Interbase's niche market. For
> those that don't want a mammoth application using Oracle or SQL
> Server, with half a dozen support staff for it. Not that Interbase
> can't support mammoth applications

There are going to be applications that InterBase may not be
best suited for. I have and will continue to suggest an alternate
vendor in these cases rather than see a customer fail with our
product. These are opportunities however, for InterBase to
consider 'features' and/or changes to enable it to perform the
task at hand. Sometimes I have deferred business based on
customer design requirements (meaning IB was a solution option
but, based on application implementation not available to the

> but from a mentality point of view, Interbase could

This is a direct challenge to me and the rest of the InterBase
community. We are not known for or respected for our sophistication
(power via simplicity), feature rich ability, scalability and
reliability. Standard marketing can only take us so far, we
need case studies that prove that we are a contender in this
space. When we can change this mindset in the industry companies
will be wondering why they employ a full time DBA instead of just
using InterBase.