Subject Re: [IB-Architect] Generator bugfix RFP
Author Chris Jewell
Charlie Caro reported a bug in calculation of the number of generators
which can fit into a database page, and then Charlie, Ann, and several
others discussed the problem and possible solutions.

I have checked a fix for the bug, similar to what was discussed here,
into the Interbase CVS tree on Source Forge. The fix hits 4 files in
the jrd directory, namely ods.h, pag.h, pag.c, and dpm.e, for the
information of those who want to build their own kits, apply the fix
to another source tree, or whatever.

This fix is included in the certified and supported kits which will be
forthcoming from "the artist formerly known as Borland" (as Stuart
Steele once called it interbase@...).

If you have not yet used more generators than will fit on one database
page (and thus have not actually suffered database damage from the
bug), you should be able to shut down your server, install an ibserver
executable built with the corrected source code, and start up again,
with no other action needed.

Thank you, everyone who participated in the discussion.

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