Subject help with interbase
Author Edson Friedmann
I have a problem and i want to know if you can help me.
I have a company that uses a Novell Netware network, and they centralize all
their information at just one server (Novell).

I have a software running over a Interbase 6 open source on Windows 98 enviroment.
This software are running very well in this plataform.
But this client needs that software runs at a Netware.

I never installed a software in this network. And i'm afraid in install a software in their

( all computers in their network just can access data at the Novel server ).

I want to know if is it possible to make this:

Install the Interbase Server at one of the clients ( windows 98) and put the database (.gdb)
on the server.

And install the interbase Client on the another clients and access the database (.gdb) at server.

is it possible ? ( put the database in a different local of the interbase server ) ?

Edson F. / Brasil

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