Subject Re: [IB-Architect] New feature request (thread priority)
Author Toni Martir
> > Hello Toni,
> > do you understand that IB executes queries as a whole ? Only one query
> > at a time will be processed, and all other queries are blocked until the
> > current query completes.
> Are you sure? I just executed a "short" query while a "long" query was
> and the short query came back pronto. Did I misunderstand your point?

Maybe is my bad english.

I understand:
If I set a high priority to a query, the normal priority querys will be
blocked by the round robin thread switching algorithm, until the high
priority level query finishes.

For now all querys has the same priority so if 10 querys are executing at a
time, 10 threads shares the processor and the executtion time is reduced the
same for all querys.

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