Subject Threading Controversy
Author Geoff McInnes
>A problem with introducing Java into the engine is that Java
>is designed for fine granuality threading and the current
>InterBase (FireBird? How about just JRD?) engine has extremely
>coarse threading.

Tangental, obscure thought for the day:

Threads are usually associated with sewing needles, which are merely
extremely scaled down blades.

Blades are described in elegant French fencing terminology [epee, foil,
saber, broadsword] not to mention the encyclopedic terminology of
the Asian countries and their rich history of warfare.

Hence, if you wish to be poetic in your naming of new products or offshoots,
may I suggest Blade and metals terminology be applied as appropriate to the
various products created?

This avoids the ugly term "Datablade" which Stonebreaker sold Illustra to
Informix for and suggests endless variations and word fun.

Back to my cave....