Subject Next ODS change (was: System table change)
Author Leyne, Sean

On the subject of the next ODS change, what would it take to increase
the namespace size of the DB object from 31 to, say, 63 characters?


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From: Ann Harrison [mailto:harrison@...]
Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 9:59 AM
Subject: [IB-Architect] System table change

I am considering making a short term change to the way
the sub_type field is used on numeric datatypes. The
change would define a sub_type of 0 or NULL as the native
type (short, int, int64, float, double). Sub_type 1
indicates that the column was defined as decimal. Sub_type
2 indicates that the column was defined as numeric.

When we make an ODS change, I'd like to add a column to
rdb$fields called rdb$precision, to hold, (surprise) the
defined precision. That will involve extending dyn and
a few other things.



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