Subject Vote
Author Robert F. Tulloch
My Fellow Americans:

Gore accuses Bush of a "Social Security Minus" program for
taking some money from the trust to fund stock market contribution
plan for younger workers.

Gore states that "his" plan is "Social Security Plus". The
"Plus" is a government matching contribution like a 401k and paid
for with your tax dollars (in this case, the surplus). This is an
Entitlement Program of vast proportions which will eat an enormous
amount of the surplus and future taxes forever. You can bet your
life that the Gore plan would also include a government "matching
contribution" with a minimum threshold for those folks that have
no income because they choose not to work. So the worker who has a
company sponsored plan will in addition to making his/her own
contributions will, through the tax process, be making the
matching contributions for other workers. And who is to say that
companies will not look at this and say "Why should I match when
the government will do it for me?". An viola, a socialized
retirement plan for all workers in America and the necessary
increase in taxes to support it.

Gore has also admitted that "his" health care proposals are
just the first steps in his march to socialized medicine for all
people. And or course, when that is offered, there go the company
paid plans also.

So, in the final analysis, Gore who says he is for the "working
men and women of America" will instead propose legislation that
will increase taxes on "the working men and women of America" and
reduce the costs to big corporate interests by eliminating the
need for their company sponsored programs. You can speculate that
the corporations will then pay more taxes due to less deductions
which will in turn pay for these added benefits. That may be, but
very unlikely considering the magnitude of the proposals. However,
it will leave one radical change in place: Government control of
health care and retirement plans. I don't think any of us would
welcome the government managing our retirement plan since that is
in effect what Social Security already is and produces little if
any interest and minimal benefits that only maintain the poverty

Election day, November 7th, is probably the most important
decision point we have had in the last 100 years and perhaps for
the next 100.

Vote tomorrow and do the right thing for yourself and your

Best regards