Subject InterBase DB reached 4GB limit
Now here is one that will make all of you cringe. We have a client
that was using a database and scanning large images into it (300+
DPI). The database grew very quickly and they were using only one
backup tape (not rotating 3 like we suggest). The backup tape is no
where to be found and the DB is corrupt, exact error:

-wrong page type
-page 2 is of wrong type
(expected 10, found 8)

In other words we reached the IB limit.

We keep all of our databases with the same schema (I think that is
good news). Is there any way to repair page 2 from one of our master
databases (i.e. bit by bit copy)? Will that even work?

I figure there is someone out there that really knows the ODS and can

Thanks for your help,
Sean Stromberg
Director of Development
The HOEHNE Group
Email: sean@...