Subject Re: [IBO] Work with large texts, format text, blob field and image
Author Michel LE CLEZIO
Hello Gustavo,

With blob it should be possible. But if it's possible for you, it could be better to place those file on a server, and put in a varchar field the full filename of the file… And why not build a table for file with an ID field and a Filename field ? With the ID  as a key link for other table … Like this you won't have to extract files and rebuild them… Direct acces from full filename… Most fast, and backup of your database : faster too...

Like this, the database file will be smaller, and I presume that the impact on speed will be positive….

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Le mardi 23 juillet 2019 à 19:40:16 UTC+2, Gustavo Novaes gutonovaes19@... [IBObjects] <> a écrit :


I want samples or similar to learn how working with this "objects".
I want
- send to Database  and Get from Database - large formated documents (like ms-word, rtf...)

Today, while i pump database from Paradox to Firebird (3.0 - with tIboTable), i didn´t get field value paradox.fmtMemo  to firebird.blob - subtype 0 (zero).

Gustavo Novaes