Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 5.11.1 Build 2861 is released.
Author Guilherme Luiz Lanius

Hey Jason,

I was testing version 5.11.1, and found a problem with IBOQuery.

Just sen you a sample code in private, trying to reproduce the same problem.

This code works fine in 5.10


Em 12/07/2019 04:39, supportlist@... [IBObjects] escreveu:


I am pleased to announce a new minor release of IB Objects.

This version contains a major improvement to the TIB_StringList class such that the applications that make use of stringlist based properties or that have a large number of tables and columns such that the schema cache is large should have much better performance at prepare-time of queries.  This is one are of weakness of IBO that I am really working hard to improve.  I'd like to hear feedback on what kind of a difference this release makes.

Please see the release notes here:

Please go to and renew your subscription if it has expired.

I am still relying upon sales from IBO as my sole source of monthly income so your financial support would be GREATLY appreciated.

Kind regards,

Jason Wharton