Subject Re: [IBO] Is this an IBO bug?
Author Michel LE CLEZIO

I don't beleive it's an IBO BUG.I Don't think DSAService.exe is a IBO or Firebird tools….
Maybe you need to upgrade some drivers …

Why not try to use the last IBO version ?

I hoppe you will find a solution.

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Le ‎mercredi‎ ‎22‎ ‎août‎ ‎2018‎ ‎12‎:‎00‎:‎09‎ ‎CEST, jhj@... [IBObjects] <> a écrit :


Hi –


I use IBO with Delphi XE in a Windows service application.


This bug has been reported to me a handful times, but I can’t reproduce it. Stack trace below.


It happens when opening a TIBOQuery.


Although it happens during memory allocation, there does not seem to any abnormal memory consumption.


Is it a known IBO bug? Thanks for any help.


exception class    : EAccessViolation

exception message  : Access violation at address 004100C3 in module 'DSAService.exe'. Read of address 0400007B.


main thread ($b50):

004100c3 DSAService.exe FastMM4             FastGetMem

0041058a DSAService.exe FastMM4             FastReallocMem

00404a79 DSAService.exe System           33 @ReallocMem

004bf466 DSAService.exe Classes             TStringList.SetCapacity

004bf1e6 DSAService.exe Classes             TStringList.Grow

004bf2ac DSAService.exe Classes             TStringList.InsertItem

004bee5f DSAService.exe Classes             TStringList.AddObject

0090d427 DSAService.exe IB_Parse       1371 AddTermToList

0090d662 DSAService.exe IB_Parse       1438 ParseStr

0090e0d0 DSAService.exe IB_Parse       1720 FindSQLCTE

0096d36d DSAService.exe IB_Components 20674 TIB_SQLStrings.UpdatePosData

0096d585 DSAService.exe IB_Components 20738 TIB_SQLStrings.GetBegPos

00971c1b DSAService.exe IB_Components 22528 TIB_Statement.GetSQLIsCommonTblExp

0097426d DSAService.exe IB_Components 23549 TIB_Statement.SysExecStatement

0098f1ec DSAService.exe IB_Components 35388 TIB_BDataset.SysExecStatement

00973cd8 DSAService.exe IB_Components 23340 TIB_Statement.SysExecute

0097e5ee DSAService.exe IB_Components 27901 TIB_Dataset.SysExecute

0097d860 DSAService.exe IB_Components 27595 TIB_Dataset.SysOpen

009d62b2 DSAService.exe IBODataset          TIBODataset.DoBeforeOpen

008db01e DSAService.exe DB                  TDataSet.SetActive

008dae80 DSAService.exe DB                  TDataSet.Open

00a238d0 DSAService.exe ServiceUnit    1573 TDSA_Service.DoBackup


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Jacob Havkrog

Dansk Skoledata / UVdata / KMD