Subject Re[2]: [IBO] IBO rev 2785 and default values
Author Marcin Bury
Hello Jason

First of all - thank you for prompt response.

Getting default values from the server is generally good thing. There is
nice feature 'Import server defaults' that fills 'DefaultValues'
Then there is property GetServerDefaults - which is by deafault ( :-) )
set to false.
I would like to have control on application side if a query utilises
server defaults or not. Isn't it the purpose of GetServerDefaults
For currency fields I always use domain defined as NUMERIC(15,2) default
0. This default is actually to cover my lazy back in case of ... In
this particular example null value means something different than 0
value. Quite often I use following scenario: while adding new record
such a field is intentionally left blank, if the user wants to put there
some explicit value - he is more than welcome - 0 is one of possible
explicit values. If while saving the record this field is still bank,
some predefined calculations are performed and their result is written
to this field.

Then I would get back to my second case - what was your intention to get
defaults for parameters?

Jason, I always appreciate and admire your hard work, simply sometimes
don't follow you intentions ;-)

Best regards

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Od: "'Jason Wharton' jason@... [IBObjects]"
Data: 07.08.2018 20:37:09
Temat: RE: [IBO] IBO rev 2785 and default values

>My intent was for these changes to be an improvement. IBO's core
>philosophy is to have all of the aspects possible from the server be a
>part of things on the client. I want server declared default values to
>be utilized on the client. Perhaps you could explain to me why you
>want a NULL default rather than the server declared default. I
>probably just don't understand why this would cause a problem instead
>of being appreciated.
>Jason Wharton
> []
>Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2018 1:51 AM
>Subject: [IBO] IBO rev 2785 and default values
>Hello Jason
>It seems that you modified the way IBO works with columns' default
>values. And it also seems that you made a step too far .
>If a column is based of domain with default value this default value is
>taken when adding new record (previously IBO was keeping null value),
>but what is more annoying that IBO sets the default value for
>I have a stored procedure that has and integer parameter based on
>with 0 as default value. Procedure is prepared to accept null value in
>this parameter and 'behave' accordingly. What was my surprise when IBO
>set 0 for this parameter 'without asking'
>So, could you reconsider your changes?

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