Subject Re: Running with two different Firebird DB versions
Hi Ed.

I have the following in my traditional C/S FB Project:

    // This aids the fbclient.dll to find the firebird.msg and firebird.conf
    //  Without it the library will look in the PARENT folder of the library
    //  and that will be the "C:\Program Files". Would not be very nice to
    //  have to put files there :)
  if not SetEnvironmentVariable(PChar('FIREBIRD'), PChar(ExtractFileDir(Application.ExeName))) then
             [ExtractFileDir(Application.ExeName), SysErrorMessage(GetLastError)]),
             mtWarning, [mbOK], mbOK);

You'll have to check the FB docs (clientside) because this is very old and i do not have this maintained in my little head but i /guess/ this is what you are after.

Perhaps you could have two subdirs for your installs.