Subject RE: [IBO] Error using query with updatable view
Author Jason Wharton
It should work if you get it configured correctly.  Would you please send me a sample app with the DDL or a FDB file I can see the error reproduced?
I'll figure out what needs to be done and let you know.
I'm thinking at the least you will want to have the KeyLinks properly manually set at a minimum.

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Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2018 6:31 AM
Subject: [IBO] Error using query with updatable view


Hi all, and best wishes for the new year of 2018!

I use Windows FB 2.5, Delphi 2007, IBO 5.5.5 2152.

With an updatable view (2 tables joined in 1 view, using triggers to update and delete data in both tables), I create a simple TIB_Query on a data module and add select * from myview, and click Generate For Table to auto-generate update/insert/delete sql code; this works fine just as with a simple table.
However, opening this TIB_Query cause “Invalid customer DML column reference RDB$DB_KEY”. It seems Firebird SQL does not have a RDB$DB_KEY in a view, which is logical, since it refers to 2 tables.

Using a third party DB tool "Database Workbench", I can view and edit rows without any problem, so the view is sound.

Now, how can I get this to work in IBObjects?

I did try to turn off Keylinks autodefine, no change. I did try to edit WHERE RDB$DB_KEY = :DB_KEY and substitute with the primary key column, no change. I did try to add the primary key column to KeyLinks, no change.

So, in short, is it possible to use TIB_Query for view/insert/update/delete with an updatable view?

Thanks in advance,