Subject Re: [IBO] Trouble Installing 5.9.5 in tokyo
Author Guilherme Luiz Lanius

Nervermind, I just fixed it

It was some realy long library paths like: C:\Users\guilherme.MGWARE\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\CatalogRepository\JEDIVisualComponentLibraryJVCL-3.5\common

I tried to install Jedi via Getit package... removed those, and it's working.

Thank you.

Em 15/09/2017 16:37, Guilherme Luiz Lanius speka@... [IBObjects] escreveu:

I build the project group, but couldn't install package, it doens't find the *.bpl, strange because they are on the library path.

If you could help me out on remote desktop it would be great.

Em 15/09/2017 15:08, 'Jason Wharton' supportlist@... [IBObjects] escreveu:

I'm not sure what is causing that. However, as long as the full sources are
there you can open the project group files and do a build all and you can
manually install the design-time packages.

If you like, I could perhaps do a remote desktop session and have a look.


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Sent: Friday, September 15, 2017 11:38 AM
Subject: [IBO] Trouble Installing 5.9.5 in tokyo

I'm trying to install 5.9.5 in tokyo update 1, the installation seems to
work fine... In D7 and Seattle IBO is working, but not Tokyo.

Tried to install manually. build ok, but seems to have some problem
after reg export on install.

Any advice?


C:\Develop\Componentes\IBO5\build>install d10_2
Library Path Mode: Binary
Checking Process bds.exe


  Install Packages for d10_2


Exporting a backup of the Delphi registry
Contents exported to: "Logs\d10_2_23503.reg"
reg export "HKCU\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\19.0"
A operação foi concluída com êxito.
reg export "HKCU\Software\CPS\IBO" "Logs\d10_2_23503_IBO.reg"
A operação foi concluída com êxito.
A linha de entrada é muito longa.
A sintaxe do comando está incorreta.

Posted by: Guilherme Luiz Lanius <speka@...>

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