Subject Re: [IBO] IBO 5.9.5 Build 2652 is released.
Author Michel LE CLEZIO
Yes, and it's works very well !
I use it with both delphi pro and enterprise in version 7 and with the last version of Delphi : no problem.

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Le Mardi 22 août 2017 11h09, "Cipto KH cipto.milis@... [IBObjects]" <> a écrit :

Is this latest component still support Delphi 7?
Thank you

On 8/19/2017 12:32 PM, supportlist@... [IBObjects] wrote:


I am delighted to announce the official release of IBO 5.9.5 Build 2652  today.  

This release provides support for the latest version of Delphi and C++ Builder (10.2 Tokyo Update 1) as well as some other significant improvements.

For all of the details, please see the Release Notes here:

I'd like to remind everyone of the new documentation file in the previous release.
Please look in your ibo5\docs sub-folder for the Optimizing Queries and Transactions file.

One of the main issues solved was improved handling of complex queries that have input parameters with the same name but with different underlying field types, and also when these parameters get pulled into other internal cursors when IBO is automatically handling things like fetching individual records, performing locates, virtualizing the dataset for horizontal dataset refinement, record counts, and so on.

Thank you to everyone who continues to keep your license subscriptions up to date. IBO continues to be my full-time endeavor and I really enjoy working for all of you because you are who makes it possible.

Please visit and login and download the latest.

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Jason Wharton