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You shouldn’t do this in the BeforeConnect event.  By that time the default components will already have been generated.


It would be better to use an explicit TIB_Session and TIB_ClientLib component in your main data module.


Jason Wharton



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its work !

Is correct ?

procedure TForm5.IB_Connection1BeforeConnect(Sender: TIB_Connection);
  IB_ClientLib : TIB_ClientLib;
  IB_ClientLib := TIB_ClientLib.Create(Self);
  IB_ClientLib.Filename := 'c:\temp\fb3client.dll';
  IB_Connection1.GetSession.DefaultSession.IB_ClientLib := IB_ClientLib;


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Please provide more details.  In what way is it not working?  Error messages?



Jason Wharton



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Subject: [IBO] ib_clientlib


Pass the full path but it did not work.
I must be making another mistake.


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If you supply the DLL name, you will likely also need to provide the complete path with the filename.


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Re: IBO 5.9.1 Build 2522 has been releas

Is it possible to load fbclient.dll with a custom name? Example: meufbclient.dll ?