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[IBO] IBO 5.9.3 Build 2577 Beta (05-Mai-2017 21:55)

I have released a BETA full source installer in the registered user area.

This is so that people can go ahead and start to work with IBO in Delphi/CPPB 10.2 Tokyo.

I designated this as BETA because there is one small aspect of a new feature I have not finished yet and I still have a couple of bugs I am working on.

I apologize for the delay in getting an official release out and for the recent outages the server has had.  I recently moved to a new house and had to redo everything twice because the first internet provider I went with was too poor quality.

Please let me know if you are using this BETA and how it goes for you.

You can see the release notes here:


Jason Wharton