Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with Firebird 3
Thanks for your answer.
In fact it is so, that my original statement has an alias name for the table. I just removed it for simplification and it does not make any difference.

My problem is, that my application has hundreds or probably thousands of queries and it will be a pain to go through all of them to check how it will work with FB3 and how I should modify them to get them working.

In my newer applications I use IBDAC for database access and that works pretty well with FB3. IBO is only used in my older application that I cannot transfer to Delphi10 and IBDAC as it is too big with hundreds of thousends lines of source code. So I have to stay with Delphi 2007 and IBO. So I need to solve the IBO - FB3 problem.
I allready wrote an email 2 days ago to the IBO support and asked them if the problem is solved in the latest release and if yes, I want to upgrade my IBO to the latest release. Unfortunately I did not get any answer so far. I hope they will answer that. If not, well, I have to see if I can get it fixed by myself. Have to make a deaper debug session then. I allready found some places in the code, where it works different between FB2.5 and FB3, but could not figure out so far, how to fix that.