Subject Re: [IBO] Cant Install IBO in IDE (D10.1 Update2 Berlin)
Author hamacker
Yes, recently I uninstall D10 and reinstall Delphi 10.1 update 2.
But only months latter need to install IBO.

I try to install from sources with and without installer assistence, compile OK, but always fails to add any IBO package, and when I try to include package manually keep saying "missing xxxxx library", but all packages are correcly build in C:\ibo5\lib\xxxx\Win32\Release and search library correctly configured.
In experience  install and reinstall IBO from source since ibo4, at first time, include several paths to compile from sources and build packages, but recently the method to install IBO it´s keep better year by year, and IBO5 it´s most easy way to install without problem. But never say "ever", it´s my first time problem.
I don´t know what is, the installer can build IB_SQL.exe, IB_RPL.exe and IB_FTS.exe and all necessary packages in C:\ibo5\lib\xxxx\Win32\Release .
All batch files run fine without a error. 
Compile all packages without any singular error or warning.
But at end, refuses to include any package to IDE.
Not a Delphi problem, because I have my own packages and runs fine.
I try to install previous versions of IBO:







And not OK in none of them, I start to think that is incompatible thing with D10.1

I start to think to uninstall Delphi and reinstall it, but half workday to configure it "is bones" (how brazilian guys says).

Thank you for help.


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Have you recently uninstalled another version of Delphi?

There is a problem where it can cause the installer to fail without an error message.

I need to put additional checks to avoid junk left behind the uninstaller doesn’t clean up.


You can go into the packages sub-folder and install the project group file and install the packages directly from source, if need be.


Feel free to contact me privately and we can even do a remote support instance and I’ll help you manually if need be.


PS.  Sorry for the delay in responding.


Jason Wharton


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Subject: [IBO] Cant Install IBO in IDE (D10.1 Update2 Berlin)


Hi All,


I try to install IBO (ibo-5.9.1) in Delphi 10.1 Update (Berlin).


All things goes well, I see all bpls, dcu,... in  C:\ibo5\lib\d10_1\Win32\ Release


Everything appears be OK, but none package is installed in IDE.


I try to build manually, put all necessary vars in browse path, search paths like HowToInstall.rtf instructions.

Again, all package are correctly compiled and generated bpl and dcu, none error.

But when I try to click Install Package, says that 

ibo5cdt_10_1 Delphi 10.1 Berlin - Wellbome page[Built]: bds.exe - System error (Caption)

The program can be started because missing ibo5crt_d10_1.bpl. Try to reinstall to resolve it.


So All *rt*.bpl are compiled and preset in this path, but I cant install any *dt* package.


Using batch files as build.cmd and install.cmd, I have the same resuilt, all files compile well and supposted installed, but does not have any IBO components in IDE.


Why my Delphi doing this why, why...?


The same error with previous IBO version as ibo-5.7.13.