Subject Re: [IBO] Query 3 times slower in 5.9 as compared with 4.21
Author Rohit Gupta
Hi  Jason,

I have no issues in you TeamViewer/RDP ing in to do it.  The code for these particular applications in not high security.  My concern is just the applications are large.  So before you do that, I will have to make a tiny application.

The queries we are looking at first are just fetching one record,   Sometimes they fetch more but these are all unidirectional.  So it makes sense to use the Cursor.  I will try and use the TIB_Cursor first.  If that's also slow, then I will get back to you after I have reproduced it in a simple application.

Quantitatively, the old application using the old IBO component used to run these queries in 11-14ms.  Now they run in 30-45ms.  There are hundreds of them as the application caches the client, animal, product, staff etc it uses (on demand).  When we enable logging, these are timed from beforeprepare to afteropen.



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That is a rather large jump in versions of IBO so it could be any number of
things causing this.

Would you be able to have me do a remote support session?

I'm sure I can get things working more as you are used to before.

Also, is it possible you can use a TIB_Cursor for that query?
This would eliminate many other possible things because it is simple
unidirectional access without all of the buffering overhead.

PS. I apologize for my delay in responding.

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] Query 3 times slower in 5.9 as compared with 4.21

We have just upgraded IBO from 4.21 to 5.9. We are finding that even
the simplest of queries (such as fetch one record using primary key) is
3.5 times slower than before.

This happens whether we use FB 1.5 or FB 3.0.1

I have looked at published properties and cant see any differences. Any
clues anyone ?



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