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I think I mentioned this before but when the RETURNING clause is used IBO isn’t sure what the statement type is. Therefore, it doesn’t automatically activate the transaction. I’d have to add the overhead of parsing the statement on the client to determine it is an INSERT statement instead of just relying on the statement type I am given by Firebird.


The result will be in the Params.

Try calling IB_Transaction.Activate in the AfterExecute event. Be sure to use the actual transaction of the statement. If you are using an IBODatabase then it would likely be it unless you have assigned an IBOTransaction instance explicitly.




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Subject: [IBO] Re: INSERT ... RETURNING vs AutoCommit


Hi Rob,

I'm using the default
IBODatabase, which works fine from every other perspective. I expected to need Open because I'm getting a record back. How do I obtain the result using ExecSQL?