Subject RE: [IBO] IBO Connections over SSH Tunnel
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Did you provide a TIB_Session instance to the service app's main thread?
Jason Wharton

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Sent: Friday, June 26, 2015 8:43 AM
Subject: [IBO] IBO Connections over SSH Tunnel

Hello IBObjects Support,

I've been using IBO components over an SSH tunnel. There are 2 scenarios:
1. A Form based application
2. An IBO Service Framework

When working in the form based application, the queries work fine. When running in the IBO service framework, I can see the following:
1. The SSH tunnel is created
2. The Database is connected (localhost/9000:dbalias): The DatabaseAfterConnect event is triggered.
3. When the query is opened, I see the following:
 a. SessionBeginBusy
 b. TransactionBeforeStart
 c. TransactionAfterStart
 d. QueryBeforePrepare

And that is it. Then it waits.
The SSH Tunnel works fine. When the query is still waiting, I can connect to the remote database over the ssh tunnel using Flamerobin. I've also tested situations where the tunnel is running in a different process and I get the same behavior.

The only difference between the regular form based application and the IBO service framework is that the IBO components run inside a thread. Is this something that you've seen before? Are there certain settings I should use in situations like this?