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Hi Marcin,

Sorry for the delay in responding to these questions.

The FBooleanIndicators variable is a global variable in the interface
section of IB_Grid.pas so you have control of it.
It is automatically initialized with the default glyphs, but you can
carefully edit things to suite your preferences.

I added a virtual method to TIB_Connection so that you can have more control
over boolean values.
Is it sufficient for you to use your own subclass of this so you can
override it or do you need an event on TIB_Connection itself so that you can
just plug in an event handler to do custom logic to return true for your own
custom boolean values?

Jason Wharton

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Subject: [IBO] Grid and boolean indicators

Hello Jason

Could you consider making FBooleanIndicators object public and
accessible for other units. Sometimes I need to use own boolean
indicators and I thought it would be simplier to replace default ones?

There is one thing more regarding boolean fields. At certain moment you
applied strict checking boolean values for fields 'declared' as boolean.
What was the purpose for that?
It was very convenient for me that field.asBoolean was false when the
value was equal to 'false' value and 'True' otherwise. It allowed me to
have several 'True' values and one 'False'.


Posted by: Marcin Bury <marcin.bury@...>

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