Subject Re[2]: [IBO] Delphi 10 Seattle, IBO latest version
Author Marcin Bury
Try to add IB_VLC to your uses list and should be fine...
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Od: "Gerhard Knapp gerhard.knapp@... [IBObjects]" <>
Wysłano: 06.11.2015 15:15:02
Temat: Re: [IBO] Delphi 10 Seattle, IBO latest version

i removed the IB_Session Component from the Datamodule,
and now it works.
No idea, why, in Delphi2010 with older IBO, there was no runtime issue with it.
But it seems this component is not necessary on the Datamodule.

best regards

Am 06.11.2015 um 12:46 schrieb Gerhard Knapp gerhard.knapp@... [IBObjects]:

i get following runtime error:
Exception EReadError in Modul MyServer.exe bei 000BB364.
Error on reading IB_SessionA.TimerInterval: TimerInterval <> 0 unsupported.

But the Proerty is set, i also set it on create:
Timerinterval:= 5000

any ideas?

best regards