Subject Re: [IBO] Reset Dataset Pointer
Author Jack Cane
Thanks Jason.  Not sure if bookmark applies when I don't know the location in advance. 

Photo page has an array of thumbnail images..User selects one of them, enlarges, perhaps navigates from one to another, etc.,large image using a 'Next' button, then decides to return to the thumbnail array. 

Array should now begin at RecNo of last large image that she saw. I then need to reset data pointer that value.

Hope this makes sense.


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You can use the Bookmark property if you are trying to get back to a previous record. Just save the bookmark aside and then set it back.

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Subject: [IBO] Reset Dataset Pointer

I would like to reset the data pointer of my tIboQuery from one pk value to another pk value. I tried setting recNo and calling GoToKey, but this does not work.

Pls. point me to the right way to do this.