Subject Re: [IBO] Bug in SQL Parser in IBO 5.5.3 Build 2067 ?
Author Robert Martin

I haven't looked into this at all, I don't really use filters much,  but it seems both of your examples have additional brackets () that aren't required, I also don't know what the [] around NAME are for. 

Perhaps these are confusing IBO.  I would give the following a go UPPER(Name) LIKE UPPER('%Rafael%').  In addition why not do the uppercase of Rafeal in code so its just, UPPER(Name) LIKE '%RAFAEL%' ?


 On 18/07/2014 5:45 a.m., rafaeldipold@... [IBObjects] wrote:

When I set the property Filter (and Filtered := True) in TIBOQuery to:

(UPPER([NAME])) LIKE (UPPER('%Rafael%'))

I get the error when IBO try make the SQL parse:

E_Invalid_Syntax: Invalid syntax: extra or missing parenthesis

There are some incorrect logic interpretation of parentheses in this case.

In TClientDataSet and TQuery, same SQL Filter works fine!

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