Subject Re: [IBO] Backup Component
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:43 a.m. 8/07/2014, raymond.cleroux@... [IBObjects] wrote:

>I spent 30 UIB components TIBOBackupService component to perform backups. I sometimes "Can not open backup file ..." the following error message. I did not have this message with the UIB component 30.
>The backup directory has all rights writings.
>Can you tell me if there are restrictions in the definition of the backup directory?

From Firebird, no. The backup directory can be on a local partition or even on a mapped drive.

If you have eliminated the possibility that Windows permissions are causing this, then probably something is wrong with your filename string.

One reality check, though: did you know that the backup code (Services API and gbak) will throw this error if the file name already exists?

Another check: have you tried to make a backup with gbak.exe, using the same parameters?