Subject Re: [IBO] Cannot insert new records after changing the where clause

thank you for the heads up.
Discarding components and start over with fresh ones, thats what I have done for last two days, to no evail.

But anyway, as I was building a little app to demonstrate the error, I realised that I do not only change the where clause but the whole SQL text. So I gave it a try and chanded it so that it is really only the where clause that gets changed. Lo and behold, that works.

Just a litte bit of explanation:
The code in question is old but so far only used to search in datasets, so that this error never came up before.
I store the original SQL text in a string variable before building the where clause, the new SQL text gets build by combining the two. When the user has cleared the searchbox, I revert to the original SQL text. This apparently broke the relation to the insert statement.

Now it works, thanks again.