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Seems to me your controls were designed to work stand-alone without being
bound to the IBO datasets. If such is the case, you will want the ability to
set its properties at design-time. This does open the door to having them
overridden when and if the control becomes data bound.


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Hi Luiz,

cprmlao@... [IBObjects] wrote:
> Mr Geoff,
> At Telesis_IB_ComboBoxEnh.pas, I see the next code:
> if FDisplayCol <> nil then
> begin
> case FDisplayCol.CharCase of
> ......
> if Alignment <> FDisplayCol.Alignment then ------->testing for empty?

No, just testing for change. I can't remember why I bothered,
it's probably redundant, but I'd have to re-check the VCL code
in D7+.

> Alignment := FDisplayCol.Alignment;

> Even when the FDisplayCol.Alignment is empty , I lose the
> design time alignment setting to Tib_ComboboxEnh.

> What do you think of testing for empty FDisplayCol.Alignment
> before to change the design time alignment?

Actually, publishing the Alignment property is, I think, a
mistake in Enh v3 (it wasn't published in v2). All properties
accessible from the column attributes are supposed to come only
from the column attributes. (For example that's the way it
works for EditMask, CharCase, MaxLength and so on.)

What you suggest would be possible, but was not the intention.
I would prefer to unpublish Alignment ... do you have any
particular reasons for wanting published that can't be easily
satisfied with the IBO column attributes?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing Pty Ltd

Posted by: Geoff Worboys <geoff@...>

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