Subject Re: [IBO] Updates
Author Geoff Worboys
'IBO Support List' supportlist@... [IBObjects] wrote:
> I hope you were keeping up with IBO as I too did a fair number
> of updates to the metadata generation components.

I saw those (GTT support seemed to be the main one). I now have
database triggers, character sets and collations, new parameter
and variable declaration types, comment support, new SQL syntax
support (optional) etc. Some of it still needs better testing
(features I haven't used yet so don't have existing code to test

> Hopefully we can get all of your changes encorporated so that
> you won't have to maintain a separate custom IBO.

We discussed my optimisation changes some years ago and you
didn't want to disrupt the current versions this much. (The
changes pull out all the old stringlists for column properties
and replace them with a single structure list, giving prepare
times around 10-20% of the old system - depending on how much
you use domain definitions etc..) The code does offer a
migration mechanism ... but I'm not sure that part of it has
kept up with IBO v5.

> One nice thing is I have a rather well developed set of
> regression tests so that we should be able to avoid problems.

I do hope to eventually participate in that, but while my main
project works with such a heavily modified IBO it is not
something I've been able to make much use of.

I'll go through the code now with BC and try to pull out the
most important items (not related to the optimisations).

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing Pty Ltd