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If this bug still exists in the latest version of IBO I will definitely want
to fix it ASAP.

Please help me to test the latest and lets see if we can get this resolved.


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Subject: [IBO] Component bug


I have release, 4.9.9, and I keep getting the same problem that
I had before where when I cut and paste components onto the same
panel/form the components reduce in size by several pixels. When
I pasted 20 TIB_Edit(s) to a panel it reduced one of them down to
only 4 units wide. If I have a TIB_Edit focused and live while
in design mode and scroll it the grid reduces in width the longer
I scroll it. This does this in Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Do you know if you will be looking into this and if a fix will
be available for older versions of your components?

Thanks, Steve Fields


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