Subject Re: [IBO] Bugfix TIB_Currency.FormatCurrentText()
Author Andeas Hesse
Because it is the place of the dot in the format string!
And the decimal separator in the format string is always a dot, like in 0.00##.

You can check it if you change the decimal separator of your system to a ','

Am 23.01.2014 20:26, schrieb IBO Support List:

I don't understand why you consider this a bug.
Why hard code it to a period when other people use differing regional


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Subject: [IBO] Bugfix TIB_Currency.FormatCurrentText()

Hello Jason,

here is a bugfix for bug in IBO 5 (4.9 too) for everyone that is not
using a 'dot' as decimal separator.

Please change the line 2358 from
x := Pos(ds,DF);
x := Pos('.', DF);

Thank you,