Subject Re: [IBO] IBO + FB Embedded
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:17 a.m. 17/01/2014, Andrei Luís wrote:

>Hi Helen, thanks for your reply. Sorry for my dubious informations.
>I'm already using fbembed.dll, renamed to gds32.dll (and tryied renamed as fbclient.dll too). 32-bit, as my Delphi application.
>I tried to remove user and password, still the same error.
>I put the database parameter as you said, still nothing. The most curious to me, is why ib_sql.exe doesn't open the fdb. I had fbembed.dll renamed as gds32.dll/fbclient.dll in the same directory.
>Any clue?

The first thought is a mismatch between the "bitness" of the library and that of the application. If the application is 32-bit then the library must be 32-bit also. Or 64-bit library for a 64-bit application.

But maybe there is a less visible "hard path" in the app code for loading the library; or a default somewhere for cpLocal, that reads the Registry entry and finds the regular client in the \bin\ folder of your server installation. I'll leave that for Jason to comment on as I don't have recent versions of any Delphi/IBO things.