Subject Re: [IBO] IBO + FB Embedded
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:44 p.m. 16/01/2014, Andrei Luís wrote:

>I'm trying to run an application with IBO and FB Embedded.
>- the application is OK, tested with FB server.
>- I shut down the FB service
>- I copied gds32.dll (tryied with fbclient.dll too), firebird.conf and firebird.msg to the .exe folder.
>- I'm using the following parameters to connect:
> Username:='SYSDBA';
> Password:='masterkey';
> Database:='CLINICA.FDB';
> Protocol:=cpLocal;
>I always got ISC ERROR CODE 335544375 unavailable database. Tested with IB_SQL.exe, and got the same error.
>What am I doing wrong?

Remove the normal client library from your executable directory. For embedded, you need to download the fbembed.dll kit from

Make sure you get 32-bit or 64-bit to match the "bitness" of your Delphi application. You can rename fbembed.dll to either fbclient.dll or gds32.dll, according to which name you normally use.

Also, attachment to embedded doesn't use authentication, so you don't need user name and password. However, I think it doesn't matter if you put some values in there.

The database parameter must be the absolute path and ONLY a physical location on the local machine, e.g. c:\data\clinica.fdb. In the case of ib_sql.exe, you need that to be in the same directory as the renamed fbembed.dll, too.