Subject [IBO] Re: RefreshRows on TIBOTable fails
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>> We ported our project from IBO 4.8 to 4.9.14 Build 54.
>> (Using D7 and Firebird 2.5)
>> We converted our BLOB-fields to BLOB SUB_TYPE TEXT or BINAIRY (for
>> images).
>> Since this change some calls to TIBOTable.RefreshRows or .Locate
>> keep on running.
>> Are there some setttings that need to be changed?
>> The app freezes untill we kill it.
>I'm working on the sample app.
>Brief update:
>We've found out that removing pessimistic lock from another query
>(not using the same tables or fields), resolves the problem.
>however we do need this mechanism for this specific query.
>I'll send the example as soon as it's ready.

Is there any foreign key in either any of the tables with the pessimistic lock query or the "refresh-hanging" query that refers to a record in the other query?